Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

About Us

  • How can I ensure that my child is learning well? Is my child able to cope with the high standards of education in Singapore?
  • How can we re-look at the basics of education and provide a solid foundation to the child’s learning in literacy and numeracy?
  • Is my child able to speak well and write effectively to communicate with his / her peers and teachers? Is my child able to understand the mathematics problem sums in schools?
  • My child has tried so many tuition centres in the past, each promising results but my child is still not doing well! What can I do?

Acorn Educational Services aims to offer an inspiring educational experience to all students. Due to our belief that a good and positive education is the key in TRANSFORMING LIVES, we strive to provide students with a customised learning experience in Science, Mathematics and English.

A teaching arm, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre, was created to provide a high quality learning experience in a small class size of 1-8 to ensure optimal teacher interaction with the students.

At Knowledge Trail Learning Centre, regardless of the initial ability of your child, we BELIEVE that your child’s potential can be reached.

In fact, many of our students enter with ‘C’s and ‘D’s in their previous examination results but they are able to score ‘A’s in their end-of-year examinations. All these in the space of just a few months! (Please refer to our testimonials.)

Indeed, no effort is spared to CARE and NURTURE your child.